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  • Well, yep, im searching for some people who can help me with my first project, as a first project, im not so sure about programming -as you may know if you see the "how to" page xD-, so i cant guarantee so much, but i will do my best for the game to work.

    Im searching for sketchers that can draw animations in a paper for after scanning it, and using that animation in-game.

    The game would be a mix between pixel-art (already have some helpers, and I know how to do it, although maybe i will need some help later too) and sketch art, also, it would be a 2d survival platformer game.

    For more info about the plot or how it would work, just send me a message.

    Any help is appreciated! and feel free to contact me if you have any doubt!

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  • BUMP! (I can bump in this forum, right? xD)

    I really hope i will find some people to help, any help is appreciated, remember :)

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