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  • Hello !

    I'm searching new teamates for creating a new game. Me and some my friends will be creating browser multiplayer retro style game. I hope you want to join me and my friends !

    Here is available positions :

    Game Programmer (needed 2 -3 )

    Game Artist


    Audio Engineer

    Technical Artist

    QA Tester

    We will pay for the great work - after game is done we will pay for work and after game is done you can choose stay with us and update, create more games or just take pay and leave the team.

    Please, if you are interested in this project, send me a private messange and we will talk more about this !

  • Interested. I can be a game programmer. I dont really require money, experience seems fun. (But if I deserve it you can pay me )

    Skype: ArQDemon. Please leave a message with request so I know who you are

    I'm interested to see what we are to work on. I'm a top notch 8x8 pixelated spriter for items too if ya want

  • All pay is after the game is done?

  • All pay is after the game is done?

    I am thinking the same thing,

    That sounds dodgy,

    I personally would take 50% upfront

  • Dodgy or might not have cash.. A team like this takes a lot of cash or some big promises

  • Well you see I need to make sure, that you will do the game, not take those 50% upfront and just disappear.

  • I feel like there is no reason not to trust him. Its much easier to track him then to track employees

  • I could help you out in programming, but like rooster I'd want held upfront and a lot more info. Add me on skype or use my email if your interested.

  • I just want to say that it's usually not a good idea to work on projects without upfront payment. Don't do it, it's not safe. If the buyer doesn't want to adhere to good business practice there's a trust issue somewhere, that's not a good business relation.

    And as for contractors, don't be that guy. Do your work, give that extra 10%. Sign the deal, don't break it. That's why we have legal contracts. If you don't sign anything, it's a bad business deal. Always ask for paper, even for small things.

    And never, ever sign on to revenue share deals. Pay is never guaranteed with those deals. You know just as much as your buyer how much you'll sell and that's uncertain and unsafe. Don't do that.

  • Seems like OP is inactive atm, its vacation after all. I'm on vacation too, but we can see about his response once he comes back on

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  • ArQane

    If you don't want to work for me, please do not spam here.

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