Searching: 2D-Pixel artists for a MOBA game! [volunteers]

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  • Hello!

    I am working on my small 2D MOBA right now and it's in a pretty early state. It is already playable and I am searching some volunteers to help me out!

    For now there is no payment, it is only a small project and I hope some will be interested. When I make money with the game once, I will obviously give all helpers a part of!

    What am I exactly searching for?

    Each helper is welcomed, but there are some areas where I need someone to begin with, those are:

    1. Designing the background and terrain (Walls, Ground) of the map.

    2. Champion models and abilities. (divided into body, arm+hand and weapon to make them be dynamic)

    3. A cover for the game and/or a title background (could be the same)

    4. Background for the Hero/Champion select.

    You can also suggest me more ideas if you want to help me, feel free!

    For more details ask me, but I can't reply to private messages since I don't have the rights yet ^^

    Here you can look at my Homepage to get a better view and also test it in the browser.


    Play now:

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  • Hey man,

    I'm an artist and I'm interested in helping out. I need to build my game art portfolio and it looks like you've already got something good going, so if you need an extra hand I'd be more than happy to lend one. You can see my fine art on my website, if you have any questions. I have done some pixel art as well, which I'd be glad to send along if you're interested. Shoot me a message!


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