search programmer with photon skills (paid job)

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  • hey everyone,

    i search a programmer with skill to implement photon mulitplayer into a actual game that i create.

    some infos about me and my game:

    in the last 2 years i learned and worked with construct2. its just an amazing tool. but im freelancer(2D/3D Designer, animator, mediadesigner, create concepts and bla bla bla) and the last 8 years i worked for different companys freelancer fulltimejob.

    but im not a programmer.

    my skills are very limited with construct2. in the past i created just for fun different games but never released them. (yes im shy and not sure if my work is good enough in this construct2 universe, we have here amazing artists).

    now i want to change that.. with my game concept i want to create a 2D game experience for people that like to play

    something together, with emotion, to loose others, find others,.. stay together.. yadder yadder..

    a good example that everyone knows is "journey". this will be not a clone or so. but it explains the way i want to go.

    step by step i create this concept now, but i stay at a point very early in the process that stopped me (not so cool)

    here comes now your part:

    i search a programmer with the skill to bring photon into my game so people can play together on a simple way.

    possible the job grows with each problem i get XD. but everytime something can stop us and everyone need sometimes help.

    this job now im sure you get it done in 1 day. (possible in few minutes? lol i dont know)..

    but i pay for your help so its not a waste time ^___^

    if your interested...


    skype: rennsemmel81

    (im from germany, and 34 years my picture here is selfmade virtual 3D character, im sure you find me fast and easy)


    this is my first open job offer here (not sure if you can answer but if yes your very welcome)


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  • r u interested in only photon ... in construct 2 we have plugin for multiplayer , if interested let me know?

  • hi socialpilgrim thx for your message, yeah this is my actual problem. i have try to use the plugin of photon. the fish-demo works very well. but my skills are not good enough to mod my game with this plugin correct. so i need help to implement it . this would be awesome.

  • hey all, thx for your nice feedback and offers in the last 2 days.

    at the end the job is taken "Daggio" special thx for your fast fast fast help.

    ^___^ now my first multiplayer game is possible,

    i hope i can finish and share it in near future yaaaay.

    i wish you all a great time


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