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  • Hello Community,

    It´s been a while since I was active in this forum. The last months I focussed on helping small start-ups with. Actually I came up with my own awesome idea. Now my Team and I want to realise it.

    First I should say sorry for my English

    We have everything what is needed to realise it (Icons, code, graphics, investors and marketing stuff) we just miss a good App-Icon/Company-Logo. And that’s why I search an amazing Artist.

    And here is also the problem, all of our actual budget we need for Crowdfunding and the initial costs. So we search an Artist who would make the Icon for free for us. After that we would start Crowdfunding and except there a value from 200 000+. The evaluation of our company is after talking with some investors around 3.500.000, I know that this is not so much but a good position to start.

    So the Artist would get paid after a successful Crowdfunding and will be borne in mind on every upcoming developing there we could need an artist. It´s possible to write a document in front of the creation that defines that you get paid if the Crowdfunding is successful.

    What we except from you:

    - Free time to create fast an awesome logo for us

    - Experience with creating logos with a distinctive design

    Nice to have:

    - German language

    - Some previous work examples

    If you have Interesting in our project please feel free to contact me over pm and I will grant you my email address.

    PS: We can’t insure that the Project will be successful so just work with us If you can take the risk or you just have free Time and want to give it a try.

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  • Push, still searching

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