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  • Hello guys,

    my name is Robin and I work with C2 for a few years now. After a little time of abstinence, I´m currently working on an, in my eyes, interesting concept for a game.

    It´s called Science Smash Brothers and it is some kind of Beat em up styled game. You can choose between different great scientists from history, each of them with unique strenghts and abilities, and battle other famous scientists from different times and fields of science.

    All the scientists have their own planets, which are the arenas and which work as "Rotating Platformers". Every strike ads some percentage to a value that lowers your gravity, so the aim is to kick the enemy of the planet. This is pretty similar to the concept of the famous Super Smash Brothers.

    Well I´m mostly an artist and not a real great programer, but I can do some things there as well. I´m looking for people that just like the idea and that are bored of making games alone.

    This is a just a fun project and I´m not sure whether it will generate any income, so it´s basically for the love of games in general.

    I´m just at the very beginning, but maybe someone would like to come on board. Ohh and I would love to use C3 for this, just to see how it interacts compared to C2...especially in Coworking.

    That´s it ... here some early stage screenshots. Just write me if you are interested.



  • So Carver, and Newton just throw peanuts, and apples at each other.

  • im am very intrested to help with this rather unique concept

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  • newt

    Well basically that's what they do.


    Sounds great man! So what is your "profession"?

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