SCI-FI Shmup looking for concept/sprite/MECHA art

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  • Hello I am working on a sci-fi shooter. I am looking for a sprite and concept artists.

    The get a feel for the look of the game i suggest checking out an snes title gundam wing endless duel. I am going for a similar but also unique visual style with sprites that appear 16 bit (something on the snes, genesis or GBA). I will actually use sprites from said game as I tweek the gameplay. The game is sort of serious but i want a bit of a cartoony style. Think of the GBA/DS GTA games or aliens infestation for the DS.

    Initially this will be volunteer but i will pay in the future. I actually want to pay for professional and timely work. So if you only work hourly or by commission please still respond.

    The most important thing i care about is art style and presentation. I really want a good mech designer.

    Anyway just getting a sense of who is out there.

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  • hey i've done some space shooter pixel art, heres a game that shows the style,

  • Do you have more pics of your work?

    This is the placeholder sprite I am using for the alpha build. I want to make a level that is 50/50 shooter and platformer.

    Unfortunately the sheet has only 1 frame for the shooter bit. I need this and one enemy sprite sheet.

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