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  • Hi there,

    finally I came to the conclusion that some help might be appropriate.

    I am not saying that I can?t do everything on my own, but *cough cough*, well yeah, lack of time ;)

    Schade-Studios' task is fairly simple: Create the most ass-kicking classic 2D topdown-shooter ever known to man - and yes, I mean better than Hotline Miami. We will not step down until it is achieved.

    It all started way back in 2002, when I dug up an old dusty copy of The Games Factory and tried my luck at some game making. Some time after the whole thing switched to Multimedia Fusion, then to Multimedia Fusion 2, has been rebuilt from scratch several times, is now on Construct and wants to get finished there.

    ---I cut some yakety-smakety nobody probably will care about from the original post and get right to the gravey.

    What is this about?

    -6 characters to choose from



    -Foul wizardry

    -Shotguns, crossbows, scythes and plasma cannons

    -Character development








    Some glimpse:

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    Subscribe to Construct videos now

    Well, it looks different (hopefully better) already. I`ll come around with a build for those who show some real interest in teaming up.

    What needs to be done?

    There?s several tasks at hand:

    Somebody that takes care of the level editor.

    -Editor needs an appropriate GUI that works well, enables fluid and fast creation of maps (later will ship with the game for custom level creation)

    -Map functions must be fully integrated in the editor, that means if at some point we decide e.g. that movable laser traps are certainly a good idea, they must be built in the editor, meaning that new assets should be no hassle to be implemented.

    -The editor guy will work closely with the engine guy (probably me) and understand what can be done and what cannot.

    Somebody for teh internets.

    -That?s somebody that is willing to maintain a website + small forum and/or blog, as well as spreading the word out on suitable platforms (indiedb, indiegames, you name 'em)

    And that network guy

    -that will somehow master lag compensation, and incoorperate online play, mainly 4 player fast-paced coop monster bashing. Online-Framework must handle the stuff that is going on on the level, keep track of player position and stats, same goes for enemies and them bullets flying all around. That teamwork wonder that CC is, I still wonder how this one can be pulled off. Well, if you are that guy, you will probably know it.

    That?s it for now. I think the vision is quite bulletproof, and I have the profound feeling that it will get some recognition if decently done, but it?s still quite some way.

    If you decide to hop onboard, and we release it, there will be a fair split of profit. Yes, right after the aim of fame comes fortune, so... ;)

    Any details on the project will be spilled through PM.

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  • 1) You grew up watching Tazmania. Well done.

    2) Better than Hotline Miami? It's been done. It's called "Smash TV" and you will NEVER top it.

    3) The... multiplayer component. I had just read in another thread that it's not something Construct 2 is specifically great at doing. It's online functionality (more or less) is centered around Leaderboards only. There ARE plug-ins, but nothing native... proceed with caution especially if you're considering commercial release.

    4) Have you ever played Zombies Ate My Neighbors? Consider it. For at least 2 hours. You will die a lot, but that's not what you're studying.

    5) What are your thoughts on Multimedia Fusion 2? It's another program I am considering working with after getting "the hang" of Construct Classic, specifically. Construct 2's HTML5-driven nature seems more a hindrance to commercial game design than Classic's Direct X 9-driven environment. Based on screenshots (haven't had the time yet to go head-on with CC), it looks very very similar. Learn one and you'll likely end up knowing how to work in both. For your game, you'll probably get better luck out of Construct Classic than Construct 2.

  • 1) Ok.

    2) Was a reference to Urled?s post of Hotline Hawaii. SMASHTV is awesome.

    3) Construct Classic here, no Construct 2

    4) Ah the SNES memories, yep, this was great too. Actually it?s all about the classic feeling, that "it went all good half an hour but now I`m screwed and have to start over, but I don?t mind the frustration because this game is just the SH*T!!!11" thing.

    5) I was with MMF2 quite a while, and I maybe hopped from that train too early since they developed some real good stuff in the meantime (I mean come on, Zlib streaming what the hell?). Event editor starts to be a real pain once you have 2000+ events going on there (can?t have event sheets subbed in another, just through behaviors of objects or global events), but maybe it`s better with the most recent build.

    In principle Classic?s GUI is very much inspired by MMFs, so the jump would not be too far. Direct3d support of MMF is far inferior to CCs you cannot work too well with it.

    Performance of compiled builds also go to CCs favor, BUT... and that?s the real show stopper, MMF2 is far more stable, you can rely on your picture editor not messing around and the GUI just plain works. It also wins the preview category, builds up way faster.

    And as mentioned in 3), the whole thing is on Construct Classic right now. Am I in the wrong forum?

    ... you didn?t post this without any reason, did you? ;)

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