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  • I am in the process of developing a web site using a series of quizzes for testing and training purposes. My backend site uses with C# and SQL as the DB. I am developing the quizzes in Construct 2.

    What I need is a function in Construct 2 or event sheet that would use one of the existing plugins or a custom one you come up with that would allow me to move a few values in and out of the Construct 2 HTML 5 page.

    From the SQL DB I would like to move the top 5 scores of the logged in user along with the user name to the Construct 2 page. After the quiz is complete I want to submit back to the DB a few values like SCORE,Time Spent, Number Correct, Current Time.

    I have all of the values ready in Construct 2 after the quiz is complete just need the area to send it back to the DB, maybe using json and JavaScript?

    Would like to have this in a format that I can use it for other quizzes, that is to say I want to be able to drop it in again since I have a series of quizzes and will be adding more in the future.

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