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  • Hello!

    We are trying to collect data through a simulated supermarket. It is already done, what I need is to save the data collected and stored in a CSV (or array, what's better in this case?), in this case, you just need to integrate these data, that would be saved in a sheet, so that we can analyze data later. Payment is roughly U$ 250 ( R$ 500,00, depends on dollar value at the time). We already have a server.

    Anyone interested?

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  • So you already have a capx built and you need to store date on your server?

    It is possible to do so via AJAX.

    Mail me at agaev.vladimir with your precise needs. I'll see if i can help you.

  • That's right

    I'll mail you as soon as I get home.

  • Hello, I am a senior web developer of 15 years with specialization in Drupal and LAMP.

    Will you need authentication service, or do you have an authentication service in place? This is necessary! Without session checks a hack would be able to upload whatever they want to your server.

    I give estimates at $50 pr hr, with $150 pr hr for additional hours for late dev changes. PM me with more information if you are interested. If you need auth services I will not be able to do it within your budget. You will also need to provide a server or have me set one up.

  • Is there a reason you could not utilize MySQL databases? With the right precautions you can do so relatively safely an either download the data to cvs format or manipulate it through server calls.

  • If you do go with MySQL - be sure to use PDO / prepared statements...

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