Running animation w/ gun- artist requested

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  • The work will be volunteer, but I hope that doesn't deter anyone away. I just need a guy with a running, falling... general plat-former animations on him, but he's carrying a guy. I'd like to maybe switch guns, but at least a default gun would be nice. Pistol, rifle... anything really.

    I'm not asking for great detail, but I'm not really asking for a stick man either. Any help this would be much appreciated.

  • Unfortunately it might be hard to pique anyone's interest when it's only "volunteer" work. Even something little to offer in return for work will help to get people interested. Personally, I make platformers and do all my own graphics, and even a basic 16x16 pixel art character, with super simple animations (like 12-20 frames for everything) can take anywhere from an hour up to an entire weekend depending on character design and animation requirements.

  • yup, will have to agree with brent_hamel, it's mostly time consuming...

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  • I don't mind helping out with some art, but it's kind of tough to imagine what you're looking for without some kind of visual aid. Look up some sprite sheets on Google images that are close to what you're after and link it here (or PM me). That'll help out loads =]

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