[ROYALTY] Audio Designer & Composer for Indie/AAA projects

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  • Hello there,

    I am Pierrick Querolle, I am a french professional sound designer and music composer and I’m looking for collaborations on projects.

    I essentially worked for short films, animations and some music productions. With the passion for the immersive and technical power of video games and a collaboration with a video game localization company, I would like to dedicate myself to the audio and musical conception of your future projects.

    â–º [AAA] Video Game Demo Reel - French Assistant Dubbing Editor : youtube.com/watch

    ► « And Then… » Demo - Unreal Engine 4 Project : youtu.be/4Oq88jB9wsY

    About my favorite worlds, I really like Sci-Fi and Horror genres, all types of gameplays combined (Shooter, Platform…)

    Musically open-minded, I am able to compose as well ambient themes as Epic Hybrid Orchestra themes. The combination of orchestral and electronic textures is one of my assets.

    ► An example with « Neopolis », one of my compositions : youtube.com/watch

    My areas of expertise :

    • Interactive Music Composition

    • Studio & Field Recording

    • Sound Design

    • Audio Editing & Mixing

    • Audio Implementation

    The guarantees of our future collaboration :

    • A passionate professional composer and audio engineer

    • Operational and complete workflow for any kind of commercial project

    • Creation and treatment of audio files with professional tools, used by AAA studios

    • Proficiency with Unity 2017 & Unreal Engine 4 [+ Wwise & FMod]

    • Available, cooperative and self-motivated

    Because there is some work to do and sometimes the audio gears are an investment, I can’t work for free (only paid or royalty contract accepted).

    You can find more content on my website, on my portfolio : pierrickinfrasound.wixsite.com/infra-sound

    If you would like to contact me, please send me an email at pierrick.infrasoundlcl@gmail.com

    Thank you for your consideration !

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