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  • Hello! My name is Caleb and I have recently started creating a game with Construct 2. I have hit some bumps in the road, but for the most part it has been going pretty well. The game is probably somewhere around 20% done (general programming, physics, and menu screens are in) and I would like the help of a 2D artist, because it is pretty bland right now.

    Some of the jobs that I would give you would be things like creating buttons for the level select screen, making the background for the game, and just generally making the game more aesthetically appealing.

    If you help me with my game, you will get a share of the revenue that is made from creating it. The lowest fraction of the share you would get would be 1/3 and the highest would be 2/5. It depends on how good you do and how much is earned from the game.

    To apply, please send me an email at cakillian icloud . com. Please include your age, country/state, first name, and any previous works or a portfolio. I would also appreciate it if you would let me know that you are applying by commenting on this post. I am 17 years old so I would prefer someone within the ages 14-20.

    You can check out the progress on this game in the link below. Keep in mind that the game has progressed since the last update.


  • apunx176 Just sent you an email

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  • I've picked someone.

  • Sorry to bump.

    CloveltOc, would you be interested to work with me.

    Add me in skype social.pilgrim.

  • I'm looking for a 2D Artist again. If you sent an email to me back in July then please feel free to send one in again.

  • CloveltOc sent me one pls! toto72021#163.com (#->@)

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