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  • Edit: 4/12/2016 - We found our candidate! Thanks to all applicants for their time and interest.

    Hello Construct 2 Forum and interested applicant!

    my name is Andreas Lopez, on the worldwide web also known as 'Uriel1339'. A friend and I recently formed a start-up group to make games, we are making these in a modified version of 'One Game Per Month Challenge', so it is in reality 6 weeks consisting out of:

    • 1 Week Pre-Production (Research, Concept, Planning, etc.)
    • 4 Weeks Production (Making the assets, programming the game, publishing the game, etc.)
    • 1 Week Post-Production (Post Mortem document, Marketing, etc.)

    We fully intend to make commercial projects, not just games for fun and we set this 6-week challenge onto ourselves to get a realistic feel for the Game Industry as we intend our projects to become part of our portfolios and first steps into the professional portion of the industry. As a team we are working at the moment on our first project. However we are recruiting in fact for the future projects, so everyone that applies would be considered for the next project starting in Mid-May. While it is our first project as a team, I already developed one game named Space Marauder with Construct 2 and published it on Scirra Arcade and a few other sites.

    Compensation through revenue share will be discussed once the team is fully assembled.

    We are currently:

    • 1 Game Designer / Artist / Programmer - Uriel1339 (I do a bit of everything, and also a full-time webmaster for once we have a website)
    • 1 Writer / World Builder - WanderingJester (He does all the writing, story concepts, etc.)
    • 1 Sound Producer - Squijid (She does all the sound-related stuff)

    And we are looking for:

    1 Additional Construct 2 Programmer - Requirements as follows:

    • Personal License of C2
    • Skype (Text-chat is required on a frequent base to keep everyone up-to-date with progress)
    • Willingness to learn and/or teach depending on own skill level and knowledge
    • Frequent Communication
    • Problem-solving skills and able to work independently
    • Published Games a plus
    • Published Tutorials a plus

    1 2D Artist - Requirements are as follows:

    • Sprite Animation Skills
    • Send some work examples via E-Mail or PM on this forum
    • Skype (Text-chat is required on a frequent base to keep everyone up-to-date with progress)
    • Frequent Communication
    • Capability to make top-down and sideway Sprites
    • Construct 2 Personal License not required
    • Published Assets a plus

    If you have any questions feel free to reply in this thread or message me directly.

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  • Message sent.

  • I sent you a message

  • Message sent.

    I sent you a message

    I replied to you both. Thank you for your interest and time.

  • I must say that's the best rev share invitation I have seen so far .

  • Congratulations to for landing the gig. As of now we don't need anyone else since he will (for now) fill a bit of both roles for our team project. This thread will be closed. Thanks to every applicant for your time and interest.


    Andreas Lopez aka Uriel1339

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