[REV SHARE] Need PROGRAMMER Partner for Superhero Card Game

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  • Hello! I am looking for a expert programmer who is very experienced with C2 to work with me on the development of a Superhero Card Game called, "Hometown Heroes."

    Compensation would be a percentage of revenues generated from the sales of the game.

    I've spent the past year designing, testing, redesigning, and retesting the game. In addition, I've invested $6k on art assets for it.

    An additional $7k in art will need to be spent on additional art assets for V2 of the game. Plus $1k on original music. These costs will come out of future revenues.

    I originally intended on making the game as a paper product, but I have decided that doing so is too expensive. So, I want to develop it further as a digital card game, instead. The game would be initially released on my company web site as a free to play two-player game until it has been thoroughly play-tested.

    After, we would release it for $4.95 on the company web site, and perhaps on Kongregate.

    You and I would have a contract that specifies revenue percentages, and legalities.

    Visit http://www.armchairadventuring.com to see the work-in-progress web site explaining the game.

  • Is there a working prototype?

  • I've made six paper prototypes. The cards for the current version of the game as a paper card game are almost finished.

    For a digital version, however, I anticipate having to modify the card layouts on again. This would be to streamline the gameplay.

  • Rev share would split at what percent?

    Also the biggest question I have is... What platform and user are you targeting?

  • As I wrote in my post, I would like to run the game as a two-player game from my web site. So, the programmer would have to know how to implement the game this way.

    And, if releasing the game on a game site like Kongregate makes sense to us, we can pursue that option.

    Anyone who is qualified and interested is free to call me at (858) 735-9295. I'm in San Diego, CA.

    We can discuss specifics.


  • EPISODE CARD Example.

    "Front" Side:

    "Back" Side:


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  • Sorry about my delay in response.

    The logic isn't hard, but I don't think I have enough experience in this type of game genre. (hard for me to make one people will like if I don't play them much...)

    Hope you find the right someone for the job!


  • Wow... no. not like that.




    Maybe, you need additional help? Do you think about porting your game on other engines (Unity)?

    If you need game development help, I and my team can help. Just follow to our page(no, it's not a spam): vironit.com/outsource-game-development or just PM me. I'll wait for your response.

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