[Rev-share] Looking for a character designer/animator

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  • Hello guys,

    I have started the development of a little party game (4 players local multiplayer) and have done some good progress, I already have some game modes ready (and when I say ready I tested them at different places, versus 3 other peoples). 3 new modes are coming really shortly.. I think I will have 7/8 gamemode by the end of october.

    The thing is, all of this is great but my actual character is quite bad (made it) so I could really use some help with this.

    I am an experienced developer so, I won't say it's a safe bet (cause it never is) but I would say it's not my first time releasing something out there.

    triple w dot maelvignaux dot com (my portfolio)

    If you feel like helping me, I think 2 really simple characters will be needed (dumb ways to die style) with something like 8 animations for one of them , and 4 for the second.

    I have the wii u net framework, which am also working with, so I plan a "pay what you want" release on pc and a paid release on wii u by 2016.

    Depending on the amount of work you can help me with, you will have from 10-30% of the game revenu after its release.

    I am more looking at a collaboration here rather than a "you work for me" style of relation.

    Don't hesitate to ask me question or what so ever.



  • Hi Khelben,

    I know your after a Profit-Share Partnership,

    But i can't offer that at this point,

    Just letting you know i have a sale going on,

    $60 for a lot for a small game up to 30 Assets etc,

    If you are interested let me know?

    Thanks bud,

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  • still open, well now I kinda made a cartoon character, so It would be more about helping with tile animations, and stuff like that

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