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  • Hi all,

    Respawn Limited is / aims to be a Games&accessories re-seller as well as a

    Indie Game Developer.

    We aim to create some Mobile games / apps and either sell them or promote our Main business.

    We are currently looking for:

    • Graphic artists
    • Music Artists

    We will offer:

    • A % of sales profit (if any) on games that contain your work
    • Your name on Game credits
    • In the future we may hire you as Part-time / full time employee but this depends on the success we have.
    • Other deals (we are open to suggestions)

    I'm sorry but for the moment we are unable to pay for any work in advance (we hope to be in a near future).

    if interested please pm me :)

    Thank you

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  • Hey,

    I could do some sounds/music for your games if I find the time for it, could be intresting. Do you have more information about Respawn Limited?

    My music work can be found here Jonsterz

    I don't know what kind of music you are looking for or have in mind but I can adapt.

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