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  • Hey all,

    I'm Tibs from CiaHTeam

    Cat in a Hat is in need of an animator for our first big title, Aeon Chronicles: Faded World Episode.

    Website: AeonChronicles. net (remove spaces)

    We need a 2D animator who can work on animating some character sprites and some level assets(experience with Spriter from Brashmonkey is a plus, but not required. Pro License for Spriter NOT needed).

    Aeon Chronicles is a big project, we're a team of 9(currently), working for love of this project, meaning this is an unpaid position, although revenue post-launch will be split. Besides being our first big title as a full team, it'll also serve as a startup for our game studio, so future collaboration is certain if desired.

    We work in a results-based environment, and on a week-to-week basis(depending on the scale of the current task of course). This is a project we're all very passionate about and looking for one more to add to the family

    Leave a comment below, or contact directly to catinahatstudios@ gmail .com (remove spaces again) We'll answer promptly

    PS: Apologies for the sizing issues, just right click, save URL and paste it in a new tab to see the images. Thanks!

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