A request to pixel art & tileset creation experts

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  • The Scirra Store is a great opportunity to sell your assets and definitely pixel art is popular, we have some great tiles that are Zelda-esque in style as well as other lighter adventure games.

    But there's definitely a few niche that remains unfilled.

    1. Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic style, darker, faded, ala Fallout 1/2.

    2. Darker RPG, Survival Horror.

    3. Cyberpunk

    Personally, I am looking for #1 or #2 tilesets, an example is from the game Mana World that uses modified RPG Maker tiles:



    Notice the atmosphere of these tiles fit an eerie theme, or a darker RPG game.

    Would be great if some of you skilled artists fill this niche, I'll definitely buy it on the Store here to support your creation.

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  • Maybe not be dark enough.. But, have you seen my tileset? I'm going to make more assets for the store in the future, I was thinking about horror stuff as well. Although, I don't know if it's gonna be an update/add-on or a brand new set..

    https://www.scirra.com/store/royalty-fr ... -ruins-248

  • I saw it, its great, as a platform type of game.

    We definitely need more variations as well as top-down or isometric. There's room for you to be creative and as I've said, I will support it if you put it on the store here.

    It should be a brand new set, have lots of sets with different themes so people can pick and choose.

  • Yeah, I see what you mean. It will happen, these things take some time to make

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