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  • I am looking for someone to write a report writer for medical exams.

    The purpose of the program is to write a customized report of the results of a medical exam that can be sent to the patient via email. There are common conditions that happen in many patients, with recommendations that will often be the same from patient to patient. The purpose of the report writer is to allow the health care provider to insert standardized recommendations based on the diagnosis without taking a lot of time.

    Examples of this are available for teachers when the write report cards....teachers can choose from a variety of preset comments that describe each student without writing each one individually. Here is an example:

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  • Are you looking for a printable report editor, or will you be saving the data as well. Im guessing that adding the ability to save sensitive material such as patient healthcare data is going to increase the work required and yow much it would end up costing you.

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