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  • Hey guys i have played with construct 2 since it was in the 50s lets just say i still don't know what im doing, but here is something i do know how to do... build a successful website and create a small community, so i introduce my newest site (still not finished) im offering those who i can trust and see progress or good work so far the ability to make money using my website (please note you'll have to have purchased a license from Scirra). how it works is website typically make money by users viewing the website and viewing or clicking adds, well im doing the same its nothing original it completely been done thousands of times, but im aiming at the html5 games community, so pretty much (now this isn't final) im looking to give people 60-80% of the revenue generated on pages they had direct participation in. your only two responsibilities, make games and tell peeps to go there... that's it... at the end of the month i'd be paying you, now the stats are clearly at my own confidentiality but i will most likely release them after i have sent payment to the game makers. questions, ideas, or comment are completely welcome.

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  • You have an okay idea. But it just isn't attractive enough to bring in game makers to publish on your site.

    Most people would rather just post their stuff up on an already popular platform like Kongregate.

    You need to have something more to offer..

  • Nickfost I'll try to be constructive, altrought my subjective feeling is that you may need to gain some more experiance to start this kind of business.

    You site's bg image is 2,1Mb. It's extremely slow to download even in a 10Mbps wired connection, but in mobile.

    I see that you have an idea, I also have several ideas in a month, and 95% of them is ending when a competition analysis is completed.

    Your model is a working one, but you may have to have some unique selling points to stand out, and be successful. We have an exporter for for example, what uses a revenue sharing modell with 25-50% of ads income. KG already have a big weight, good amount of users, and several special functions to use - like scoring, leaderboards, etc... And another example is, what can provide in-game-purchase, and takes only 30% of the income.

    I see that even with lots of competition there is a way to be successful and noone will protest if you make a site what have several thousands of players a day.

    If I will look at your final site, my very first question will be: "Where can I access the ads statistic?" You need to make it available instantly for developers, even if this is not so easy... (There are ready to go Worpress membership/revenue sharing solutions).

    Wish you a good luck!

  • Im aware of my image being gigantic, and what makes me stand out from kongregate is the same thing as the fact that's it small... the fact that is small will keep in under the radar of school blacklists, also my stats don't exit because the website is supported to be for the user, there isn't a log in system, there isn't an account system if you wanted to work with me we would be manually transferring file back and forth and you'd have to trust that im giving you money, i can look into making a super secret stats page but as of right now, today, nobody goes to the website (its not finished). they guy who own onemorelevel just copies and pastes embed codes off of other site, im trying to have the same static model but pay devs for their work...

    but my main goal is unique new games, i want people to tell me they never have played that anywhere else (they will come back, and this makes our website get more traffic from Google looking for that game)

    personally, i don't expect 500 people to be asking a lot of questions, i just a few guys that aren't flaky... maybe we have weekly emails.... just a handful of devs

  • If part of your business model involves getting past school blacklists, have you considered the fact that most schools use IE8 or lower as their only browser?

  • That's not part of my business model, my site wont be unique. its just an idea, if you could direct the traffic of your games to my website you'd be making more money, think about it... if you linked to your own games in your games with a link to my website instead of another you'd be getting more money, also, why not... why not try to make a few cents if you don't already publish your games, just have fun and if you earn back what you payed for you license then all you can do is go up from there...

    also im 17, my Podunk high school in a town of around 18000 people uses ie9 and Firefox... its not as bad as you think

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  • Then that brings us back to the point, that you're not offering the developers anything of value. We could easily put the game on our own server, with some ads and get all the ad money for ourselves.

    The why not question can simply be answered with this..

    "But why?"

    Why would I? I may not have a reason not to, but I certainly do not have one to convince me.

    On the other hand, I could bring my game onto Kongregate and which both have a bunch of fun plugins to offer me, leaderboards, achievements etc. and they also have behaviors to help me export my game easily to their site.

    It all comes down to being realistic.

    If your site is going to expose my game to a small community, and has nothing to offer me in return except ad money.. I can do that very well on my own. But I want my game somewhere which has more exposure, something like Kongregate.

    So I'll take my game to Kongregate, unless you have something more to offer.

    Sorry for the harshness, its very nice that you're trying something here, and 17 is a very nice age to have such ventures.

  • I'd be interested to hear more, if you want shoot us a PM on here.

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