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  • We are looking for novice through advanced people looking to be on a team that has a future. Email me for a temp account to our work site if you are curious, but cautious.

    We (CyberTronic Studios) have over a dozen creative projects waiting. We currently have four teams, one of which needs a programmer very badly.

    If you are interested please fill out the APPLICATION.

    What we offer:

    -An advanced digital work site with lots of features.

    -An Administration team : finance, marketing, human resources, research

    -Revolving departments : Web Dev, Audio, Literary, Programming, and Art

           Each department sustains the Game Dev department but acts independently to generate it's own revenue. This allows you to follow more than just your game dev skills.

    -Legal Documents and guidelines to prevent you from getting "shafted" by the company or your team mates.

    -Outstanding Leadership : The management team consists of more than myself, but I am a 30 Yr old, US Army Sergeant with 10 years on Active Duty, 5+ years of business experience, 10+ years of programming experience, and a long list of other skills.

    -Honesty : We are upfront and will not hide, cheat, or trick you in any way.

    -Your welfare : We want YOU to succeed, we will nurture your skills and allow them to grow and develop with evaluations and rating schemes.

    We offer more, but are pretty secretive about most of it, as we don't want other companies to copy us or steal our ideas or projects.

    Lastly, about the company itself:

    Parent company, CyberTronic Solutions, is registered in the State of Florida. We started off as a Web Development company, several years ago, with one game dev team as a side hobby. We recently expanded as of November 2012, so we are still fairly young. We do have four teams right now working with one team working a really ambitious project and the others working on shorter games aimed at mobile and web platforms.

    We want dedicated, honest people, who want to develop video games and applications. You can work on outside projects (in compliance with Non-Disclosure agreement) , but need to set CTS as your primary focus.


    For the first three games (depending on contract) you will be eligible for profit share pay setup. After your first evaluation (depending on outcome) you could be eligible for cash advance or up front bonuses.

    Please PM me any comments that will not help the general public.

    We are also accepting affiliations and other non individual relationships. If you are on a team that does not have a project at the moment, let me know. I know it is "nice" to have your own studio, but if you are willing to take a step back so that you can take a few steps forward, we can help each other.

    Last note, I am sorry that I am not posting game descriptions, as even the most simple form of description will allow others to develop it before we can. Each game is pretty creative and could be capitalized off of a few words.

  • You already have a thread "" concerning your "Business".

    Couldn't you of just used that rather than dilute the forum index?

  • I am very concerned that others think CTS is "Suspect". The above person "Discmach" said as much. If other people could elaborate as we have a legit, legal, registered company that is not about cheating, tricking, scamming, or being dishonest in any way. We use contracts for each project to ensure your safety. We need more freelancers, but I think we are scaring people away.

  • jeaux , you won't find a lot of stuff here , if you want programmers and such , go to other big forums like TigSource and such ...

  • That is great Advice! I will PM you as I have a few personal questions for you.

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  • The forum in general is known for helping people to use Construct, so surely you can understand how people would be weary of someone with little to no reputation advertising their services in a manner that is quickly starting to resemble spam.

    Also I didn't see that Discmach had any suspicions.

    What I took from his post would be closer to a feeling I dare say most here share, that being "dont call us, we'll call you".

  • Discmach sent me a PM that was upsetting. (I am not trying to smear his/her name)

    My company has been using Game maker. I came across Construct 2 this month and am sold. That is why I am new. I have transitioned one of our teams to Construct and a second is on it's way, but people familiar with construct would help the process. We did not mean to spam either. This one is hopefully more structured and informative. I will ask Reav to delete his post. Thanks again for the input and suggestions!

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