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  • Thanks for pointing that out. Luckily I have made my experiences already to be cautious enough. If you need advice on how to work together as freelancers, let me know! I am happy to help. Here are some key aspects to always keep in mind:

    1. If it's for something worth more than 100 USD and you don't know each other, make a contract, make an invoice!

    2. Always speak about timeframe, budget, inpiration, working methods beforehand and during the project. Communication is everything!

    3. If you notice you are not quite on the same frequency with the other guy, don't do it.

    4. Try to talk on Skype, Phone, meet in person. Nothing beats personal contact!

    5. Give regular updates!

    6. Most important thing: Be clear about budget and payment! If it's your first project with a client, try to agree on an upfront

    7. Be nice and civil

    8. Know your (copy)rights!

    Best to you,


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