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  • I am currently developing a game for Wii U - I am a licensed Wii U developer - and am very far in development. I am now looking for somebody who can refine my code, my events, smooth everything out and help me towards the end.

    If you are good with Construct 2 and know how to achieve some tricky feats with events, codes and things like this, you are my person. I hope to launch an indiegogo crowdfunding campaign by december and hope for funding. This funding will go directly towards the development of the game and in that sense, to you.

    The game is very far ahead. This is not me trying to start from scratch, I already developed and finished a few games throughout my years, this is me tryig to get help to polish the game. SO far it is fully playable and completeable, so technically I can finish it myself at this point, but I guess having somebody to help me with it is a better idea, especially with the einevitable porting to the Wii U console.

    For further informationa bout the project, please mail me to - do not reply here with questions, if you can't be bothered to write me a mail, how can I expect you to finish a game?

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