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  • Hello everyone. I created the 2D games for mobile phones and know I have an idea which need a 3D dimension and my lack side is that I don't know how much financing I need for the game. In Russia this industry is undeveloped and there is no much people who can proreply satisfy animation needs.

    What's i'm going to, is to create a promo-video for my investor to describe the fight system in my game (it will be a complex genre game, but the core is fighting). So I need very smooth animation, probably mocap, to have something to show. Who knows, how much it costs to have different combos to show for 30 seconds? I have a 3000$ budget and my models for the promotional video with the smooth animation, is that enough or the cost is too low?

  • The 3000$ is just for the promo video?

  • It really depends on the detail you want - are you expecting the animations to feature unique characters? Then you'll need to accommodate fees for modelling, rigging and animating.

  • I have a 3000$ budget and my models for the promotional video with the smooth animation

    Does this mean you already have the 3D-models and you are only looking for someone to rig and animate them, or are there only drawings of the models and should they be made into 3D?

    Or are you asking for someone to create the models from scratch, rig, weightpaint and animate them?

    I could do all, by the way..

  • LittleStain

    Thanks for your attention Edwin, please send me another PM containing your e-mail, because I don't have the possibility to answer using private messages, and I will reply as soon as I get your contacts.

  • Sent.

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  • You can check my profile under my signature.

    Message me here if you are interested.

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