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  • Everything is working well within Psyblocks,

    Art and programming are no issue :)

    Most/all game mechanics are done and what I need is someone who can help out with level design.

    Someone who can make diagrams of supposed levels, with extensive labeling and a good understanding of end user experience.

    Reasons for doing this?

    Although I have a good understanding of game design and such, I feel I need a fresh pair of eyes to input and take leads on the level designing.

    At the same time, level designers can help influence certain features, so it isn't just a throw away position.

    Experience is a bonus.


    Because of the position it isn't really compatible with upfront payment. So incentives are the experience, name in the credits and a percentage of Kickstarter/Indiegogo amount AND/OR percentage of profits.

    Bound to be questions, so send them my way by private message, or email me at

    Cheers all,

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  • I could help with that if you're still looking for someone. I'd also be able to change my level creator to work with your project if it would help.

    Edit: I'm working on a few levels using numerous tile sets that I'll add here.

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

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