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  • Hello,

    we are looking for someone that is working on a good project, to help to release on Nintendo Wii U (WiiUWare).

    Our company is a new game developer studios licensed developer for Nintendo Wii U and also digital publisher concerning Europe and America territories. During last months we worked hard on two titles for a European Publisher (that will be released in Q1 2014), but now it's time to make something completely different. And that now Construct 2 can support Wii U is the moment as you can check on the blog of this site! <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Currently we are looking for this type of project: a game that could be a very intense tribute to the old-fashioned classic platform game, but must be also a gaming sample that expresses itself through enjoyment and wild rhythm. A condition that reprocess the whole dynamics of the past in a modern way through a a strong dynamic discipline characterized by many innovative gameplay features. The product have to be aimed at those who do not seek a gaming revolution, but merely a videogame whose validity is achieved through an immediate and progressively more challenging gameplay, which can involve the player for a quick game or for few hours of fun. Also, we have some projects that could be realized with Constructor but we'd like to give this opportunity to someone.

    Kindly please note that we have technology and expertise to help. We are at your complete disposal for any question and business oriented for every proposal that could be helpful for you (as for a Kickstarter to obtain founds to invest to improve team) and to realize our 2D games with Construct.

    Kind regards

  • So basically you are looking to help people who do not have a WII U devkit publish their game?

    Or are you just wanting to purchase games outright?

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  • We'd like to help people that have good projects/ideas but can't publish on Wii U because they are not developers authorized by Nintendo. Also, we could help to improve quality (with the help of our team) or could be interested to assign an easy and complete 2D project to an external team able to realize with Construct and interested to collaborate with us.

    Currently we are working on a Wii U project (a famous IP released for Wii some years ago) to realize material for a Kickstart so we have not resources to realize and publish games for WiiUWare, we could only help for the "Wii U" development/publishing phase with our team.

  • Hi, your offer sounds interesting I am working on a prototype currently and I feel like it has a huge amount of potential for the Wii U. Do you have an e-mail address so I could contact you in more detail?


  • Yes, for proposal of projects you can write to

    If is possible give us a Game Design Document with these points described:

    • Abstract
    • Target audience
    • Unique Selling Points
    • Game mechanics
    • Level Design
    • Win and Lose Conditions
    • Story
    • Characters
    • Visual Style
    • Audio Style

    You can send also screenshots, links to a video or website and, obviously, an NDA to protect your project because we have the utmost respect for external projects.

    Kindly please explain if you could be interested also to work on an our project, with Construct, for Wii U. Many thanks.

  • I have a game that hs the qualities you said before, however, there´s no art for it, would your team be able to provide art for my game?

    I can provide all the info you need

  • i'm working in a game similar to limbo ...i will send you screenshots and videos!!

  • Studios,

    I highly recommend going through the process of publishing your own title first, before taking on any clients. The publishing process for Wii U is quite different from traditional self-publishing systems and you should get some experience first. Just my $0.02.


  • emailed you with relevant info

  • Our small studio started a platformer game in C2. Think MegaManX (SNES) + Shank (melee combos) + Mark of the Ninja (stealth elements). Might be interested in the WiiU, but we need proper funding (about 3000$) for pushing our art. If interested in knowing more and open to investing or contributing on the art aspect, let us know right now Michael at exotyktechnologies AT gmail DOT com

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