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  • guns inallout is a mmo rpg fps, game with a 3d interface

    my skype trg optic

    my role,level design,team manager ,profit share at end ,an if im happy with the project i will give you a early payment aswell as royaltys,merchendise and profit

    the blurb

    fight zombies like never before on horseback or motorbike

    use the zombee(zombie killing sword to hack them down out of the way)   of course in every good game there is a magnum (magnum)

    r98(auto/semiauto mode assualt rifle )use torchs at night look for clues in daylight join up with the resistance as you go through the ages

    (western age through to modern age)

    but be careful you dont have unlimited supplys find torch batteries and clues/equipment as you go along the age of dark

    game engines we will use unity and construct 2

    we need a program or 3d/2d sprite,modeling artist

    a scripter/programer

    and a team of story writers

    texture artist

    co-manager -designer

    layout out director -puts places in order to make it spic and span

    a programming enginer to fix servers,and bugs

    and of course a animator.

    a networker

    a extra level designer

    concept gun sktch of mine

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