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  • I have a simple game design I want to implement, and although it could probably be easily achieved through something like Construct or Game Maker Studio, upon consideration it occurred to me that I might be better off just compensating someone to join me.

    Edit: To clarify, I'm looking for someone to create a game that works to design specifications I have prepared.

    The design is intentionally simple, in fact not having any element of directly controlling a character, but instead all selecting text (picture a series of multiple choice questions) from menus overlayed onto 2D graphics, and the design is pretty much already hammered out from menu screen to end, so the design doc is more like a blueprint, although I would be open to suggestions on changes as long as they didn't make the game too overly ambitious.

    Though I'm admittedly not a programmer, I would say that once a single screen was workable, I figure that would be more than half of the work done right there, so I don't think it would be a large undertaking for those who know what they are doing.

    I would like it to be made with deployment to apk, chrome web, and ios visa construct or wrappers or phonegap or whatnot in mind.

    Although I am prepared to compensate, ideally I would prefer a mix of COD and a share of potential profits, both because of a lack of money trees in my back yard (well, on the balcony of my crappy apartment), and because I would like the person to share some vision/investment in the idea. But I am not delusional about strangers being interested in my idea, and hopefully I can provide enough compensation to make it worth someone's time regardless.

    Alternatively, any advice on finding so-inclined persons would also be appreciated.

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  • I don't get it you want someone to do only the artwork or to develop the game in construct2?

  • Sorry, I thought it was clear I was looking for a programmer. I'll edit.

  • Sent you a PM rrosai, reply if you're interested!

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