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  • Hi,

    So ive been creating a game for a few months now and i have no programming background whatso ever but i figured that i would be able to learn if i focused enough...which i did but im struggling at every turn.Id Like to ask somebody to help me with learning a little more then the basic's casue it seems like i just dont get alot of it.If things progress i would like to have that persons help on my game which is almost in the beta stages right now but its tough as it is with anyone else.

    This isnt a paid thing i would like it if someone just had free time and would be able to help out.If your interested please PM me or question it here.

    Thank you

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  • if you have a question just ask on the how do I section

    something else try learning java-script trying to make games for a while not using construct then try using construct it will seem as easy as pie

  • Something else to try - the Construct 2 IRC (Located Here) is very, very helpful. Most of my tough problems are solved there.

  • sosensible , It's not as easy as you might think , as it's totally another world and you wouldn't need C2 if you learnt javascript , it would be easier to start at C2 and stick to it

  • hey I know that using javascript is not super easy but just taking a few books on it and applying what you learned to try and make games is what I did and construct was as easy as pie and when I go 3d i'll know the basics and can just refresh myself on javascript and if you learn javascript you'l under stand c2

  • sosensible

    How much time did it take you to learn javascript ?

    Even if it's the same language , it's a totally different workaround

    As in Javascript , you'll need to write all from scratch (No Plugins , No Behaviors ) , and you won't have a lot of the features C2 offers to you .

    If you learn Javascript , you won't even need to use C2 , as you mastered the potential , and broke the limits of C2 .

    I don't see why you would prefer a drag n' drop engine over writing the language ( You could use C2 for prototyping , but otherwise , you would mainly use Javascript )

    But if you like to work like this , I can't blame ya <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />


  • I didnt tell him to go in to game making with javascript he wanted to learn so I suggested It to him and also people generaly shouldn't just jump in because one person said they should and also I was an option of what he could do if you disagree state it stop the railing because it's not how you would do it

  • Well thanks for advice everyone ^^;

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