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  • Hi folks

    I'm after a programmer to make a couple of changes to a 'bash the mole' game script i've bought.

    I need a log in page to capture users name, company, tel number and email before they play the game, then once the game is played a scoreboard showing the name and company. I also need to increase the number of 'moles' that pop up, basically have 4 or 5 different different moles instead of the standard 1 mole.

    I have a script for the game so all the basics are done.

    I'd also need it so i can change the artwork once the project is handed back over to me.

    The game will be published in HTML5, but might be pushed to mobile and facebook later.

    I'm not going to lie, the budget isn't very big for this, but sadly its too much for me

    Thanks for looking and any advice will be warmly welcomed.

  • is this in C2 or plain old javascript? I may help if you want to make it in C2

  • C2 is what i'm after

    Oh and if anyone PM's me, i can't reply

  • I want to email you but I can't find any address in your profile

    can you send a more detailed description of what you want to be made to aryadiperwiras at hotmail dot com? along with your budget please. If it's interesting enough for me and I think I can do it, I'll do it

    don't worry about small budget, sometimes I work cheap just for doing good

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  • email sent dude

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