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  • Hello there, I am currently working on a relatively simple 2D action-platformer side-scroller called After the Light. I have been working with game design (and Construct) for roughly 3 years, and I've found that my initial game idea was a bit too ambitious for me to complete more or less on my own -- unless I want to spend half a decade on it, that is. So instead I've started work on a kind of "downsized" version of that original idea, based on a different concept I've had knocking around my head for a while.

    Programming is my weakest area of game development -- the art, sound, gameplay and level design are all things I can mostly handle, and while I'm not completely useless in terms of programming, I'd much rather have someone who knows what they're doing help me get the game up and running so that I avoid any early pitfalls and can get the game's basic mechanics implemented in a way that I can build on later.

    As I mentioned my game is called After the Light (or ATL). It is sidescroller with a heavy emphasis on exploration, combined with some fairly simplistic combat that combines both melee, shooting, and magic alongside the various traversal abilities used for platforming. The game's influences are things like Mario, Metroid, Castlevania, and Megaman, as well more recent titles such as Hyper Light Drifter, Axiom Verge, and Dead Cells.

    For now, the main thing I want is to get a semi-dynamic lighting system going, along with the traversal abilities up and running, since without those implemented I'm unable to really dig in and start building levels -- any combat related things will come later, once all the movement and traversal mechanics are implemented and working smoothly.

    The kind of mechanics I'm looking are fairly traditional, however I'm dedicated to making sure that what elements do make it into the game are polished, fun, and contribute to a sort of sandbox-style approach that the entire game will have.

    Some of the basic abilities I need to get working are:

    -Rudimentary health/death system (this is will be as basic as possible for the time being, with more nuance added further down the road)

    --Destructible boxes or objects, possibly experimenting with some mild physics-based stuff (though this is not a high priority)

    -Lighting or shadowcasting system, this is more important than usual since it's less about visuals than actual gameplay mechanics, since the player in ATL is actively destroying sources of light and/or "collecting" light as they go, in addition to emitting light themselves.

    -Movement & traversal mechanics, most of which are fairly conventional. Some of this involves adding entirely new things, but others involve some minor tweaking of things I've already implemented. For example, in ATL, there is a dedicated jump button (as one might expect from a platformer). Pressing jump a second time performs standard double jump, while pressing jump for a third time while mid-air executes a very fast "groundslam" maneuver. I have this in the game already, but the groundslam requires some tuning.

    -Other basic traversal elements are: sprinting, sliding, wall-jumping, ledge-grabbing, and gliding.

    -Fine-tuning the animations (made by me) for the above-mentioned traversal abilites.

    Ideally, I'd like to find someone who is interested working on this game with me from from start to finish, wherein a solid working relationship between myself and the programmer can be formed. In that scenario, I'd be willing to share a significant amount ATL's revenue (along with a credit as co-developer) -- particularly since, programming aside, I'm unlikely to have any other long-term team-members. My goal is to get a working demo of the game up and running within the next two months, which will then be released to the public (possibly as a source of a funding, or maybe just as a method to build interest and gain a following for ATL).

    That being said, I'm very much open to negotiation, and so if you'd prefer to simply do the job and can be done, I'm willing to work out a payment arrangement, or even making a trade of skills (I'm a fairly accomplished artist, animator, and writer, so I'm open to an exchange of work if somebody needs help in one of those areas).

    If you are at all interested please do not hesitate to send e-mail me at -- I will gladly explain more of the game in greater depth, share artwork and material, and provide examples of the kind of mechanics I'm interested in.

    Below are a handful of screenshots/concept art for this game and some others, as well as an older mock-up teaser I made for what is a essentially an older version of After the Light, but it should give you an idea of the game's feel and atmosphere.

    Mock-up Teaser:

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  • Hello Francis,

    I would be happy to help. Please mail me at: and add me on skype: to discuss more.

    Looking forward to hearing you soon.


    Gabriel A.

    M: +1-347-960-4171

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