Programmer looking to help (primarily) artists create games

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  • I'm also decent at design but I think everyone would say that about themselves and it didn't fit in the title. The "primarily" means I'm happy to help designers, musicians etc. but I have no artistic talent so we'll still be stuck on that front.

    Before I talk for a little bit here's some things I've worked on or am working on.

    Firstly, a game I created as part of a 72 hour gamejam. The theme was Shapeshift, I think it turned out pretty well!

    This is a prototype of an arcadey platformer shmup thing, I was going for a Vlambeer theme. The mix and match loadout thing was lifted directly from Luftrausers. There are 5 primary weapons, 5 secondary weapons, and 5 movement abilities (125 combinations) in the game. Please read the description if you want to unlock them quickly. Apologies about the mishmash of odd art, I was never able to find an artist to help.

    And finally something I'm currently working on. A fairly simple (mechanically speaking) game, but I think pretty visually appealing. Currently only the top character is playable, please excuse the filler text at the bottom, that's temporary.

    Anything we created worth selling I'd be happy to rev share of course, but mostly I'm interested in just making something good! I currently have lots of spare time so want to make the most of it.

    I have a few concepts and ideas floating around, but ideallly if there's a game you really want to make I'd be happy to take a backseat in the game design department. Preferably you'd be solid at English as I think communication is very important and it's the only language I'm fluent in I'm afraid.

    Comment, PM me here, skype me at Levelupjordan, or email me at if you'd like to talk more!


  • Quick update to change a few incorrect links and hopefully give this a bump as I've a lot of free time right now.


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