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  • Hello

    What I do

    I am a C# programmer and learned unity engine to make awesome games!

    I am some experienced with unity +2 years and +3 years with (C#,C++,JS)

    but these days I changed to construct 2 , I am still beginner with it

    but still can finish any game with it by searching and self-learning

    I have the ability to extend construct 2 and implement plugins for any service with JS SDK

    I can work (24-30) hours a week


    It was a hard journey as I tried to make full games lonely , but making a games need a big team!

    I made a small games but was very bad (especially because of the graphics , I am not artist and can`t draw)

    that's all my uploaded games :

    I have a license to publish in (play store , windows store , windows phone store and web certainly)

    I have my own start-up called Seperto - check my website :


    I like all genres of games , and I prefer the more profitable games (it worth our time)

    I like the game that has money(in/out) . it is more profitable for game owners.

    and the gamers like these type of games (fun enough and they earn money from their time)

    I have many games ideas , we can discuss it certainly


    I am looking for 2D artist/animator to help me in my upcoming game/s

    it will be innovative and new idea like all my games

    also it will have money (IN/OUT) so should be a profitable game

    it should be a skill based game , not lucky based

    because the market is full of the lucky based games like casino , black-jack , roulette ,, etc


    if you are interested , email me (I am very active with messages)

    email :

    or via Facebook :

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