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  • I am looking at a program that would be used to assess a soccer goalkeeper to judge which direction a goal kick is going.

    I would have a number of 3d video clips of players kicking a goal kick from the keepers perspective. These would be clips that would be formatted kind of like these 3d clips and would be meant to be viewed using googlecardboard or equivalent.

    So basically the person would be looking in the google glasses all the time….so you would need to write a program that would have a similar split screen as 3d video...with the same text on each side.

    It would initially have an instruction screen. Then it would start playing a 3d clip….the clip would be randomly selected from a few hundred clips. The subject would view the video clip and then as quickly as possible enter which direction the kick was going… left, bottom left, bottom right, top right. It would record if the had a correct response and how long it took them to make their response. It would run through a number of 10-20 clips.

    I’ll have to investigate what external input device I could use for an iPhone.

    If you are interested please email me at

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