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  • I am looking for the development of a program that measures how quickly you can look at a target on one side of the screen, enter a response, look to the other side of the screen, enter a response, etc.

    Register with first name, last name, birthdate

    On the far right side of the screen show an arrow (randomized to up, down, left, right). Person enters response on keypad. After response is entered the target disappears and then a randomized arrow shows up on the far left side of the screen. Repeat for 20 cycles.

    Program records: date of test, number of incorrect responses, speed to complete test.

    Program has calibration screen: that allows to change size of arrow, change the separation of the arrows on the screen.


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  • Sounds very doable, since you don't have enough reputation to send private messages, feel free to contact me on some9000 with your contact info and an offer, if available. I can guarantee quality presentation and serious approach in general.

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