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  • Hello guys! I am a Boston area Sound Recording Technology graduate of UMass Lowell, and a professional sound designer on video games, trailers, and videos. I have experience not only with recording, mixing, and designing audio, but also with voice acting and editing! I would love to bring my audio and sound design expertise to your projects!

    Shipped/released titles I have contributed work on:

    • Farmville
    • Splatterhouse (Xbox360/PS3; 2010)
    • EnVie (PC; 2010)
    • Section 8 : Predjuce (Xbox360/PC; 2011)
    • Ruined (web browser game; 2011)
    • Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary (iPhone; 2011)
    • Spec Ops: The Line (Xbox360/PC; 2012)
    • Poker Knight (iOS; 2012)

    Check out my work at Drop me a line if you are interested and would like to work something out! :)

    All best,


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  • Spec Ops!! Come to my game jam Matt, it should be at the end of March in Lowell, there is an audio prize

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