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  • Looking for someone to produce an AJAX-API usage and Auth template.

    Will pay $65 per template, max of 3 templates.*

    APIs requested: Google Drive, Reddit, Picasa Web Data API or Facebook API.

    *$65+up to $(35) depending on quality and depth of examples.


    -Successfully authenticates, and provides min 3 examples of API usage.

    -Parts of project are labeled.


    -Successfully authenticates, provides most common API usage examples

    -Parts of project are labeled clearly with a simple organization theme

    -Documentation exists for basic setup


    -Successfully authenticates, provides more than most common ~ extensive 10+ examples of api usage.

    -Project is neatly organized and commented

    -Clear documentation from setup to theory behind it

    -Entire project is cleanly neatly organized and professional from start to finish

    Payment via Paypal. Can use escrow services such as Upwork.

    Feel free to contact me either here or via my email .

    Kind regards,


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