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  • Hi folks ! i'm back for a long time !! (7 years)

    Im a pro artist 2D and animator, and now i'm coming back with an idea of a new small project that i'm pointing to growing up working on by co-op with a good construct coder.

    well to start i'm inspired by "gacha life" (go search in youtube for more info), and i want to make a similar project since i decided to start creating the whole graphic assets from scratch, i will post them here whenever i update if you ask me that.

    the style will be chibi anime and very cute, and the assets will be updated daily.

    so for all good coders who are interrested fill free to contact me on private and i will answer.

    have a good day and see you soon with some updates !!

  • Hiya, there is no private messaging here, but maybe we can chat on discord ant#4434. I was thinking of doing a dress up game lol.

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  • lol no private? that means i've been away for so long haha.. many things has changed :D

    okay plinkie i will add you i'm bladesquad#1945 see you in there !

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