Potential 2021 game collab (paid)

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  • Hi,

    I am posting this just to let people know that I might need Payed Help in making a game next year. Nothing concrete yet, but if the client agrees. Then I will definitely need help. I am an artist so at least the artwork is not going to be an issue at all, plus we would be paying someone to create a music loop or two for us.

    What kinda help will I need?

    Just making sure the platformer functions properly.. with as few bugs as possible (preferably none)

    I will have ideas for player or enemy mechanics, and if its buggy I will need someone to help me fix

    Ultimately it will need to go to iPhones and Androids too. I have published on Android before, but not on iPhone.

    It's meant to be a kids game (probably 3 - 9 years old) or something like that, so it won't be too "complex" whatever that means in a case like this.

    The opportunity:

    Next year (2021) there is a 50 - 50 chance that I might be commissioned to make a game. I am a 2d animator/ children's books illustrator by profession. But I have been fiddling away with game dev for a while. I started with Game Developer (in 2008) and made an Android game (it's not the best game ever) but it kinda- sort of works:


    I think I did that in GDevelop, before coming back to Construct3 (I had already played with Construct2 before). It's rough and messy in places, but I was proud to have an actual finished product.

    More information:

    I just put this here so that people can follow the thread, and if I get a budget and go ahead. I will come back to this chat with actual details on money and stuff.

    I will come back here if I get the job, to find a partner.

    Or to notify you all, if the job doesn't come through next year (2021).

    Fingers crossed.



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  • Hi, anytime don't hesitate to contact me via email:

    contact [at] odiusfly.com

    Thanks in advance,



  • Hi, anytime don't hesitate to contact me via email:

    contact [at] odiusfly.com

    Thanks in advance,




    Thank you for getting in touch!

    I'm loving odiusfly.com


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