Porting an existing iOS App to Construct2

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  • Good Evening All (brand new to the site, so be gentle),

    Can you help me solve my "Build or Buy?" dilemma? In essence, we have an existing native iOS 'universal' app that we are interested in porting to the other mobile platforms (Android, WP8, and BB10). After a brief exchange with Ashley Scirra, he seemed to think it was both feasible and relatively easy for an experienced person. I'm very interested in learning the platform myself, but a bit worried that I couldn't commit sufficient time to the effort at present. So, I'm interested in getting opinions and or quotes from you guys so I can evaluate my options.

    The app is called Magic 1-2-3


    It's more of Mathemagical Trick than a traditional 'game', which is Freemium. The optional upgrade $0.99 / �0.69 gives you more graphical themes, and the 'magic mode' (which uses swipe gestures to 'automatically' solve the 'trick' and perform a cleverly designed 'reveal.' I could go on and on, but the best way to understand what it does is to download it and have a play (on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch). Watch the 'How to Play' video, and if you are feeling generous, upgrade to experience it to the fullest. We have Flurry analytics data, so we may look to drop some of the lesser used features in conjunction with the platform port.

    If you are interested in learning more and/or quoting for this work, please contact me directly, tony.coxjoq@optima3.com and we can set up a call or Skype session. Thank you for your interest.

    Kind regards,


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