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  • Hey there!

    Composer looking for some work on some upcoming games! Feel free to listen to my reel and let me know if you want to work together! Honestly, at the end of the day, I'm just looking for awesome developers to work with and creating a truly unique game/OST. If this sounds like its what you're looking for too, then let's get it started! Feel free to contact me at [email:3fz4nggz]kpolklol@gmail.com[/email:3fz4nggz]


    Thanks for your time, be blessed, and looking forward to hearing from you!Highlights:

    • Multiple degrees in music
    • Will write for film, video games, and animations
    • Can transcribe, arrange, and compose in various styles
    • Full time job, so your project will get 100% attention
    • Quick turnaround time
  • Happy Friday! One of the many many many composers looking for audio/music work! I personally specialize in laid back electronic jazzy style music! If thats what you may be looking for, feel free to check me out and lets get a project completed!

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  • Hey yall! Have some openings for any composition or SFX work you may need! Happy November and have a great week! polkritude.com

  • Composer available for hire! Let me know how I can assist your game!

  • Composer available for hire! Looking forward to seeing your project and starting off the new year with awesomeness!

    Here's a short demo of what I can do!

    https:// vimeo.com/147800625

  • Happy New Year everyone!

    Composer and Sound Designer currently available for hire. Affordable rates and great communication!

    polkritude. com

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Thanks for your time!

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