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  • Hey-- i want someone to bite the bullet and do a plug-in to load advertising SDK's like RevMob, AppLovin', Chartboost && etc. into the free to play games we are doing with Construct2. Best would be a wrapper that just loads into whichever C2 project is open at the time as an object && done in javascript && WORKS RIGHT THE FIRST TIME !!!

    I won't pay someone to practice. I am seriously in search for a javascript plug-in pro. There are some o.k. solutions-- but, not being able to load up the major app monetization sdk's like on a native app is holding us back a pretty good bit. We need this done-- by a Pro.

    I can pay a basically "name your own price" rate up-front to buy all rights < DON'T GO CRAZY ON ME DUDES !!!-- i am talking within reason. > or, i can pay you some cash && partner with you so's we can re-sell it to developers like me who know they need this. Most important is that it be "Done Right 1st Time"-- and, i mean PERFECT. If you can-do, p.m. me && i will be glad to pay SOME < not all > cash up front. No big rush on time-- just PERFECT first time. Thanks.

    kind regards, mark-p.

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  • > I'm tempted to double-post this into the JavaScript SDK development forum-- but, don't know if they will be displeased for me doing so-- if you know someone of the "best-of-the-best" type && will tell them after reading this-- i will be grateful &&

    kind regards, mark-p.

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