Please test my game compiled on CocoonJs

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  • game apk

    I try cocoon compiler but game running too slow but this is only on my Xperia S ? please check and reply my thanks :)

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  • It's slow too, I used generic android tablet

  • The game does not start at all on Prilips w732 and Nexus 7. Only flashing "Powered by Ludei"... :(

  • I did not think that the game of this resolution will be so so challenging for mobile devices :(

  • Hey delgado,

    I tried it on my HTC Desire (running Android 4.1), and it worked okay for a while. After about 5 mins it crashed and exited to the home screen.

    I did notice a couple of things whilst playing though:

    1. The lower (light blue) sky tile displays a grid-line pattern over the top of it. This is something I've noticed on some of my projects as well. I've told Ludei about this, and they've said they will be fixing it soon.

    2. I noticed that some of your water sprites have small gaps between them. This is something else I've seen in my own projects. I was working on an infinite runner (using C2's Autorunner as a starting point). I was trying to produce a continuous floor / platform. I used bullet behaviour on my sprites, and spawned them one after another. But no matter what I tried, I would always get slight gaps between some of my sprites.

    Anyway, I hope my observations are of some help!

    Good luck with the game, so far it looks very good, and the idea of surviving after being ship wrecked is a very interesting one :)

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