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  • Please Delete Post ....

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  • Good job making a game but you can have some legal trouble using unlicensed name and artwork like that.

    Do you have permission to release a DragonballZ game, with the name and artwork? Otherwize you can have a lot of legal trouble.

    I also saw that you used Anonymous logo in the background. And there's probably a lot more "borrowed" artwork that can get you in big trouble if you release it. Even if you release it completely for free, you still need to get permission by the ones who own the rights/licence for DragonballZ. I'm not saying to be rude. Just to save you from a lot of legal trouble.

    Or you may risk that google play will remove your game for violating copyright.

  • I truly appreciative to all feedback .. This is my first game ever .. I just wantd to create a game for the fans .. I knew all the risks and I have been working on this game alone for the last year ...

    I think construct 2 is amazing ... I seen so many dragon ball z games on the app store created from fans . I thought it would be cool to do one also .... Since this is my first game i have many games i want to create but just wanna get this out taking all risks ....

    My back is on the wall and would love to get a group of guys and work on many indie game ....

    This is just showing you what i have created alone and what can be accomplished if i had a team ..

    Thank you again for the info .... tunepunk

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