Pixel Artist needs Programmer for start up

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  • Looking to get my pixel art frames up and running on mobile devices and hopefully Steam.

    Have no problem sharing profits (discuss in detail), but would love to start with some press start and play games to build a team company. If it grows larger...great, but if not, it would just be nice to have the games out there to play.

    1st game art and frames are almost complete (simple style game).

    2nd and 3rd are also being worked on and in m downtime I'm slowly building a somewhat bigger game.

    I use Gimp. Love it.

    Any takers or some just wanting to code a simple game, I would appreciate it.

    staleevolution at gmail

  • The game I'm currently doing is a "space invaders" type, but with a few twists. It would work on mobile touch screen and even better on steam with a controller. Anyone interested in programming all the art to make it happen?

  • It would be free. Once ported to devices, I have no prob sharing profit equally.

    Shoot me an email at staleevolution at gmail

    We can also discuss an upfront price if you don't want to share profits.


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  • You should post some work, staleevolution that is.

    The tick guy is probably about to be banned for reasons not worth posting here.

    Not everybody but most people who are licensed will have a badge similar to mine on their avatar.

    Good luck.

  • Hey staleevolution,

    I would love to have a look at the art, and have interest in working with you!


    Justin / ~Ant

  • Hey Justin. Thanks. Can you email me at staleevolution gmail dotcom

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