Pixel artist (Kyle & Lucy / Freedom Planet 2 / Sonic Studio)

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  • Hi, I'm Lewis, a freelance pixel artist looking to work on your great project. I've worked on a wide variety of projects boasting pixel art styles, but also projects involving clean vector art and all including smooth animation.

    My skills are:

    • Pixel art
    • Vector art
    • Animation
    • GMS 2.3 platformer programming (2D)
    • Video editing

    Projects I've worked on/am involved with include:

    • Kyle & Lucy animating and creating environment art,
    • Sonic Studio (a fan game made in GM),
    • Sonic 2 HD (fan game) creating enemies and environment art,
    • Freedom Planet 2 creating backgrounds and stage art,
    • and more.

    I'm available for hire!

    Contact me at LapperDevoev@outlook.com

    or message me via a PM.

    Enjoy some examples of my pixel art below:





    If you are interested in my work, feel free to contact me at LapperDevoev@outlook.com or in a PM.

    Thanks for taking a look,


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  • Images fixed (hopefully):

  • Mountains of Marble Zone, re imagined.

    I'm available for hire!

    Contact me at LapperDevszr@outlook.com

    or message me via a PM.

  • More Kyle & Lucy environment art

    I'm available for hire!

    Contact me at LapperDevrtn@outlook.com

    or message me via a PM.

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