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  • We are a team of three (programmer, graphic artist & marketing/commercial) currently working on a serious game

    to help make company employees more sensitive to cybersecurity issues (you may visit our website,

    to find out more about the game - in French only). We are based in Geneva, Switzerland and are looking for

    some people to reinforce our team.

    Several clients have a strong interest in purchasing our game, so we need to get it finished FAST!

    If you're an experienced C2 developer or a graphic artist with video game experience (use of 3ds Max and Photoshop), preferably

    living close to Geneva, we would like to hear from you.

    We can't currently offer salary, but you can either freelance and be paid after the game is launched or become a partner

    in the project and benefit from a share of future sales. If you're interested or want to know more about this, just respond

    with an email address to receive further information.

  • I'm curious... is this only for those living close to Geneva?

    What would a C2 dev be expected to do... is this a game? or more of a app?

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  • I've sent you a message

  • Ideally would be better for the programming role to be close to Geneva, as distance coordination in this area can be tedious.

    The development being a serious game, it involves both game and educational aspects. The software is already fully functional, but help is needed to add new features.

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