[Payment in kind] Multilingual translation required

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  • Hello C2 community

    I have a game in alfa testing on Google Play and I'm looking for someone that could translate the text (100 sentences only) into another language. This is the file: http://goo.gl/IFtCYU

    I'm using the next SpriteFont in my game: http://goo.gl/gdANgr

    I would like to have my game in as much languages as possible but the alphabet of those languages needs to fit in the SpriteFont.

    The following languages can be 100% reproduced with the SpriteFont:

      French Italian German Croatian Portuguese Romanian Russian Tagalog

    But if other language alphabet fits in the SpriteFont I would like to have a translation for that language.

    I want native speakers translations, I don't want to use Google Translator.

    Well, now the paid part

    1. I don't know if you like to be mentioned in the credits of the game

    2. If there is something about your development process where I can help you I would be happy to do it (you can check what kind of things I can help you with here: http://goo.gl/ITvUyj)

    3. Or maybe there's a way I can pay you, like, PayPal. How about $5 bucks in appreciation?

    The best part: If this goes well I will have available more translation jobs for you!

    Feel free to PM me.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi!

    I'd love to help you! But you'll have to wait for results about 2 weeks, since I'm writing a term paper atm...

    And you definitively don't have to pay me! But maybe I'll need your help some time.



  • Would like to help but unfortunately few very common characters for Polish language ( A E L S Z Z ) are missing from the font :/

    If you ever extend that font with missing characters then I could translate it

  • Hi,

    could you add the unique characters (Ä,Ü,Ö) in the spritefont.

    They're really helpfull in the german language.

  • Maschka Hi Julia

    What languages do you know?

    Absolutly, I can wait. Good luck with your paper

    I can help you with almost every step of your development process.

    Send me a PM when you have time.


  • Muffinmax Hi

    Are these the missing characters for the german language?

    Ä, ß, Ö, Ü

    Can you check this file: http://goo.gl/IFtCYU

    Do you really need those characters?

  • shinkan Hi

    What languages do you know?

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  • shinkan Hi

    What languages do you know?

    Polish (native)

  • Yep, exactly. How do you want the file which the translation? Could I write it behind the english strings?

    I only need Ä,Ö,Ü.

    I have done the translation, but i need to watch it again to correct some spelling.


  • Muffinmax

    The file is perfect! But if you can correct some spelling will be awesome

    I will update the font with the missing characters.

    Thank you so much for your time.

    Is there any way I can compensate you?

  • I'm done.

    Maybe some other germans could look at it.

    I want nothing for it. I have fun to help other people with their projects.


  • oh I speak german, but I think MuffinMax already translated it, didn't he?

  • Maschka

    Does this character exists in german "&"?

    Is ok to use it?

  • If you add "S G Ü I Ç" i can translate it to Turkish.

  • Can you check if the all the characters you need are in the new font?

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/3dp8rp7qrygix ... 9.png?dl=0

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