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  • Hi everyone, not sure how active this forum is but thought I'd give it a shot.

    I'm the solo dev of Steam game Archimedes, looking to make my next game. Unfortunately, I'm awful at Construct 2, and I'm trying to create a super simple and non-messy dialogue system. I've checked out a few examples sent to me, but they're so complicated I can't get my head around them.

    I'd need something that when made, can have all the complicated coding pushed to the side and manipulated through some super simple commands, as well as obviously someone who can talk me through it and answer any questions I might have, even for a few days after, while I get used to it.

    I understand that there are a load of dialogue systems out there, so I'm sure you can adapt one of those, meaning it could be done very quickly. You'd just have to make one that's very easy for me to use, fits into my pre-existing construct 2 document, replacing my old one, and has the features I want e.g. has multiple choices, can activate events easily, include variables in the text etc.

    Probably something most of you could do without much thought, but I'm an idiot

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